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Brent was paralyzed at 16yrs old, with a spinal-cord injury (quadriplegic)

This is the speaking / school program part of www.booksbybrent.com. Brent presents to schools, with assembly and classroom programs. He also presents as keynote speaker to a variety of organizations. His unique story of triumph through tragedy allows him to connect with his audience through perseverance. His presentations discuss antibullying, believing you can accomplish your dreams, and that "you" can overcome adversity. Brent shares all this and much more in his emotional story. Unless you have closed your eyes and thought you may not wake up in the morning, let Brent with his books and presentations inspire. His life represents "the hardest things you have to work for will mean the most!"

                    Students showing me love after presenting multiple assemblies on their campus

                    Students showing me love after presenting multiple assemblies on their campus

Thank you Brent. Today you turned my life around and changed it forever. I cannot wait to read your books. Thanks for making time to come to our school.
— 5th grader at inner city school in Bakersfield

Creating Moments That Change Lives, Through Real Life Experiences: "Believing That One Book, One Student, One Program, One Hug Makes A Difference."

There is something special about having the ability to capture the minds and hearts in a short amount of time. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with our students at Arroyo Elementary School
— Mom of two students
                    Emotional Connections with all ages

                    Emotional Connections with all ages

Brent was paralyzed in a wrestling accident at 16yrs old (as a quadriplegic). He has continued to dream and work hard to make them a reality. His "real" tragedies create an emotional space, where audiencies are brought into his experiences. They feel his pain, joy, tragedies and triumphs.


The quote below came about as Erin and I exchanged books at a school program. She was the keynote speaker and I ran the children's book pullout group.

Brent, continue to give a voice to the voiceless
— Freedom Writer's Erin Gruwell
                         Creating acceptance and awareness with hands on presentations

                         Creating acceptance and awareness with hands on presentations

Brent brings unique tangible learning experiences to his school / book speaking programs. He allows all students to experience his Olympic medal, by holding, wearing and taking pictures with it. This allows students to "feel" what making dreams come true is all about. Student's and staff love this. He also brings his sport wheelchairs and allows the students to experience them. For many these are "once in a life time" opportunities, that leave a lasting impact.


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      Brent understands that moments of inspiration and motivation can be life changing.

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